To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.


The game of Leela by Harish Johari

Why ?

While the path does not lead to meditation, it certainly passes through. Meditation is not a goal in itself, yet to increase inner peace, happiness & health, it definitely is the number one tool available. Too many people experience meditation as a stumbling block, finding it hard to quiet down mind. With correct training however, anybody can learn how to meditate. Looking at the state of the world today, it feels like a now or never situation.

Personalized ?

This training is not going to teach you a specific meditation sequence, which would be the same for everybody. The aim is to make you understand the various phases towards deeper meditation and to teach you the different methods that are available to pass through each phase. That will allow you to step by step develop your ideal meditation sequence, adapted to your personality.

Some people are more emotional, more rational or more action orientated. Some are more visual or more auditive, more stressed or more relaxed, more interested in the purity of the self or more sensitive to the power of mantras,... Based on the traditions of advaita, ashtanga and tantra, you will be experimenting with the main meditation techniques of these teaching lineages and decide what works for you, based on actual experience.

How to participate ?

The game of Leela by Harish JohariThe 12 LIVE sessions are broadcasted every Saturday on Youtube Live at my channel, starting April 11th 2020. Just be there - no need to subscribe or anything like that.

Do check the Sessions Program just in case the broadcasting time or dates would need to be changed for some reason or other.

In case you can't make it on time, no problem at all. The Live session remains available on my channel as a recorded video, for as long as Youtube exists I guess. However, if you wish to ask questions and feel part of the group, then do join the class Live.

New daily excercises every week ?

Well, yes, a free offer to do something at home every day is included with these classes every week. How else can you try out the diferent techniques and give them the chance they deserve ? How else to know what you have understood from the training and what feedback to ask for ? How else to get the full benefit from this training ? To spend 15 minutes a day is a minimum, 30 minutes is better and more is best. You will find a detailed description for each week's exercises in the Session Schedule as a PDF file, as well as some related audio files if needed.

Nobody is going to check on you if you do this or not, obviously. So it is entirely up to you. And if one day it doesn't work out, no problem. But do feel prepared when starting this training to commit to some daily excercise at home. If not, just looking at the video's will not gain you all that much. And as the distance between theory and practice grows, it might become a really frustrating experience.

Feedback Options

Every session ends with the daily home exercises for the week, followed by some online Q&A... These questions are very important so that every part of the session is well understood and the exercise for the next week is crystal clear. Any questions about the exercises of the previous week should be send to me before the session starts, through Facebook Messenger - see my Facebook account. I will then answer them at the beginning of the Live session, if possible. For more detailed personal guidance, see my videocall coaching program.

Your donation makes it happen

This training program is something I can do to contribute during these challenging times, so I am doing it. However, we all have bills to pay. The more people can donate something to support this training program, the more I can focus on it. So, you do make all this possible by your free donation, small or bigger, as you are able.

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