To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.

by Harish Johari (1964)


On your translucent body thin like paper, O worker!

How much burden have you borne.

Not the load of one, two, four, eight, or ten months;

All twelve months have you balanced on your body.


Who will know the Gita better than you?

You perform selfless actions, continuously, 24 hours.


Who does follow the Dharma better than you?

You fast everyday, quietly accept all that happens.


Who in the world can be more tolerant than you?

On your head is inserted a nail, and

Your back confronts the harshness of a concrete wall.

Every part of you is torn off.

Still, you tolerate every indignity and continue to act.

Even so, you have just a year to live.


This is the way of this world:

The one who is the most honest,

The one who loves the Dharma a lot,

The one who knows his Duty,

The one who remains the same in sorrow and happiness,

The one who is beautiful, and

Is the follower of the beautiful Shiva and the lover of Truth.

He is the recipient of all sorrows,

and his lifetime is similarly brief.

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Aklesh LakhtakiaThis poem was written by Harish Johari in 1964. Translation to english by Aklesh Lakhtakia.

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