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Healing stones & birthstones : Coral


Coral may not be seen as a real gem by some, but it has fantastic healing qualities.The coral is the gemstone of the planet Mars and helps to overcome problems related to this planet.

Red Coral penderRed coral is useful as jewelry and for pleasing the planet Mars, but the use of white corals is more popular in Bengal, where people also use it for Mars energy.

The best gem should have the following qualities:

1. deep red color
2. regular shape and even surface
3. round or oval shape
4. free of dents, holes, or perforations
5. smooth

One who wears or possesses such coral enjoys good fortune and is never possessed by evil spirits or bothered by ghosts, bad vibrations, nightmares, storms, or lightning. Japa done with a coral mala with 108 beads brings siddhi (power).

Some tests for Identification of Real Coral

1. If real coral is placed in a glass of cow's milk, the color of the milk will appear pink or take on a red tinge. Imitation coral will not affect the whiteness of milk.
2. If a coral is dropped in blood, blood will thicken around it.
3. A true coral changes color according to the physical well-being of the wearer. It fades before the disorder in physical health is noticeable and resumes its original color when physical health is restored.

Coral is the gemstone of the planet MarsSome aspects of the Rituals for Wearing a Coral

A coral should be bought on a Tuesday when the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio. The coral's weight should be no less than 6 rattikas. The metal used should be a mixture of copper and gold.

Some aspects of the The Medicinal Utility of Coral

Coral Oxide is used ror different diseases with different mediums, follows:

1. For dry cough: Use it with powdered raw sugar.
2. Cough with mucus: a) If the mucus needs to be expelled from the system, coral oxide should be taken with powdered brown sugar; b) If the mucus needs to be dried, it should be taken with honey.
3. Low fever: It should be taken with sitopiladi choorna with honey.
4. Breathlessness with low fever: Take it with honey.
5. New fever: With honey.
6. Bone fracture: With honey.
7. Eye troubles (burning, irritation): Use it with ghee, rock sugar candy, and milk.
8. Headache: Use it with milk cooked with almond paste.
9. Mental weakness: Use it with milk cooked with almond paste.
10. General tonic: Use it with honey.
11. Diseases of liver: With honey.
12. Hyperacidity: With cold milk.

The other form of medical preparation is pishthi (paste), which is more powerful and better in quality than oxide.
Dosage: 1 to 2 rattikas twice a day :

1. To prevent miscarriage: Apply the paste (not powder - if only the powder is available make a paste by adding rose water or kewra water - a few drops to two doses) to the navel of a pregnant woman.
2. First stage of tuberculosis: Use it with honey.

Coral powder is very good for nursing mothers who become weak during the nursing period.

Chief Sources of Coral

Coral of the finest quality is obtained in bulk from the coasts of Algeria and Tunisia. Other profitable sites for coral deposits are the coasts of Spain, France, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. Corals are also processed in India.

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Seema JohariThis overview on healing stones and birthstones was extracted by Seema Johari from the book "The Healing Power of Gemstones" by Harish Johari.

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