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John Marchand

Born in 1955, John Marchand grew up in the "Golden Sixties" and got deeply influenced by the '68-way of thinking & hippy-culture. He read his first book on Yoga at the age of 14 - it happened to be Sri Aurobindo - and started practicing. Few years later he was initiated in Kriya Yoga, became a vegetarian and cooked in one of the first Belgian vegetarian restaurants during his study.

John Marchand was graduating as a nurse, worked in a therapeutic community, studied client-centered therapy & psychodrama, macrobiotic nutrition & shiatsu-massage, tension-regulation (eutonie) and voice- & breath-therapy. He started his own psychotherapy-practice & specialised in psycho-somatic diseases.

Meeting Harish Johari in 1981 changed his life intensely. He switched to ayurvedic food on a daily basis, integrating many other routines available from Dada's book "Dhanwantari". John Marchand worked with Harish Johari on massage, numerology, chakra-psychology, etc… and cooked with him on countless workshops.

John Marchand stepped out of the psycho-therapeutic paradigm in 1990. His cooking-, massage & numerology-classes became very successful throughout Europe and he became a well-known teacher at the yearly congress of the European Yoga Federation. He created his Basic Formulas for Ayurvedic Cooking, which proved very useful for people who try to integrate ayurveda in daily life. Another interesting overview that John created is on the Digestibility of Foods.

John Marchand remained a very close student & friend of Harish Johari until the end. Now he often says that "Transmitting Dada's teachings brings me his presence & wisdom, and maintains my contact with him".

At current, John Marchand gives Seminars in Ayurvedic Cooking, Vedic Numerology, Ayurvedic Massage, Chakra Psychology and Swar Yoga for Balancing Biochemistry.

Photo Album from some seminars with John Marchand

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