To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.

Sarah TomlinsonSarah Tomlinson was born in England in 1968. After completing her Undergraduate studies in Fine Art in London she moved to New York City. Here she participated in the MFA program where she explored the qualities of the sculptural effects of light in architecture.

Simultaneously Sarah delved into the world of Yoga and Healing. After several years of intensive yogic study and teaching Sarah had the grace of meeting her teacher, Dadaji (Harish Johari). Here her love of yoga and art became united and she immediately became absorbed in the teachings and practices that Dadaji shared with her. During the last couple of years of Harish Johari’s life, Sarah spent time with him in India and America, learning about painting, the subtle aspects of yoga, and a holistic approach to life that made every action a sacred one. This last lesson is the one that Sarah continues to share through her teaching, whether it is the activity of yoga or of yantra painting, allowing the actions themselves to become the tools for raising consciousness in everyday life.

Currently Sarah lives in America and co-directs the Ayurveda-Yoga Institute of New York and New Jersey with her partner Gandharva Sauls. She teaches regular Yantra Painting Workshops and Ayurveda-Yoga Intensive Training programs nationally and in England.

The roots of the Healing Asana Series that Sarah works with stem from a time when Ayurveda, Yoga and Astrology were one science, this is known as the Ancient Ayurveda. The Series consists of 21 postures sequenced in a specific way. This is a unique and powerful practice. The sequencing relates to the planetary influences, the qualities of the gunas (qualities of nature), the energetic patterns in the body and how these relate to the Ayurvedic principles.

Sarah’s own style of teaching the postures is informed by a feminine, receptive approach to the healing potential of the asanas. The practice is centered in the exploration of the breath as it removes the tensions in the body, accessing the spine in a liberating and dynamic way.

It is through Dada’s grace that she does this work and is immensely grateful for his teachings that are continuing to flourish.

Sarah prepares Yantras (yantra paintings of the planets or a chosen deity) personally for others for healing and personal meditation practices, if you are interested in having one specially prepared for you please contact her by email or through her website

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