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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy
massage therapy is most suited to cure deranged vata.

Ayurvedic massage therapy from the Ayurveda TraditionWhile ayurvedic massage therapy does not generally provide a complete therapeutic cure, it does help the organism to receive nutrient material from within the body and to expel toxins.

Certain ailments related to the muscles, ligaments and nervous system can be completely healed through good ayurvedic massage therapy. In diseases caused by deranged vata, massage therapy can also be the only remedy. In diseases caused by deranged pitta and kapha, ayurvedic massage therapy compliments other healing methods.

In ayurvedic massage therapy, the practisioner mostly works with the knowledge of the marmas or indian pressure points.

Ayurvedic massage therapy is an ideal remedy for pain. The figure below show parts of the head as they relate to other body parts and/or symptoms of diseases :

Pain here indicates

A : Tension and infections of the gums and teeth.
B : Overacidity (pain of the eyeball).
C : Gastritis (pain of the eye socket).
D : Inflammation of the stomach.
E : Ulcers
F : Disorders of the intestines.
G : Disorders of the fallopian tubes.
H : Kidney disorders.
I : Disorders of urinary tract.
J : Neuralgia.
K : Formation of cataract.
L : Disorders of the brain and the spinal nerves.

Ayurvedic massage therapy on these areas can at the least help the rest of the medical treatment to succeed.

Ayurvedic massage therapy can be a real cure in case of arthritis, rheumatism, neurasthenia, high or low blood pressure, sciatica, paralysis, polio and insomnia. In all these cases, the massage practisioner should however also prescribe specific medication, changes in daily habits, excercises, etc..

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Peter MarchandThis page on ayurvedic massage therapy was written by Peter Marchand, based on the "Ayurvedic massage" book by Harish Johari, with details on indian ayurvedic massage techniques as well as 155 drawings.

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