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Ayurveda healing stones and gem birthstones

All gem stones, with the exception of coral and pearl, are the finest and purest consolidation of minerals that exist, formed under extreme heat and pressure inside the Earth. Healing stones are crystals of clear and purified minerals that are also found in the human body.

Healing stones serve as valuable agents of electromagnetic energy that influences the electrochemical nature of the human organism. The contact of healing stones with the electromagnetic field of the body becomes easy when they are embedded in pure electrolytes like copper, silver and gold or when in direct contact with the skin. Healing stones work with physiochemical energy as wel as with pranic energy, whether used as jewelry or taken orally as pastes or oxides.

Healing stones absorb and produce specific energies that are related to the frequences of the light that they receive. These frequencies can be seen as colors and are related to planetary energies that go well beyond the visble light frequencies.

Astrologers and gem therapists use healing gemstones as talismans or birthstones to compensate for the loss of energy caused by weak planets or to provide more strength to the exalted favorable planets. In Indian astrology and numerology, nine planets are related to the following nine healing stones and birthstones :

(for Nr 1 or badly aspected Sun)

(for Nr 2 or badly aspected Moon)

Yellow Sapphire
(for Nr 3 or badly aspected Jupiter)

(for Nr 4 or badly aspected Rahu)

(for Nr 5 or badly aspected Mercury)

(for Nr 6 or badly aspected Venus)

Cat's eye
(for Nr 7 or badly aspected Ketu)

Blue Sapphire
(for Nr 8 or badly aspected Saturn)

(for Nr 9 or badly aspected Mars)

In addition to working with particular healing stones to deal with particular problems or enhance specific qualities, it is also useful to work with all gems together. Jawahar Mohra is a powerful tonic made out of the powders of all nine gems. A pendulum that contains all gems in the right order can act as powerful talisman of general purpose, often given to children :

Clcik for a larger view of how to arrange healing gemstones in a talisman - pendulum

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Seema JohariThis overview on healing stones and birthstones was extracted by Seema Johari from the book "The Healing Power of Gemstones" by Harish Johari.

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