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The natural instinct of man to know the unknown is the mother of all sciences, including that of vedic astrology and the horoscopes. Through the help of the indian horoscopes (the natal charts) an astrologer can understand the psychophysical nature of individuals. He can assess their latent potential, role in life, health, wealth, friends and foes, ups and downs, life span, diseases, kinds of obstacles or problems one can have, the relationship of the individual with his or her father and mother, brothers and sisters, superiors and subordinates, wife or husband and partners, and so forth.

Planets, too, have friends and foes. They are exalted in one sign and exiled in another.

Click for an overview of planetary yantrasAstrologers and gem therapists use gems to compensate for the loss of energy caused by the weak planets to provide missing chemicals and reestablish electrochemical balance, or to provide more strength to the exalted favorable planets. The Vedic seers realized that by meditation, contemplation, and research one could know the mysteries of matter and mind. It only requires true understanding of the laws of nature, because from the gross material reality to the subtlest frequencies, all is a part of one single continuum of vibrations.

Keen observation, right attitude, imagination guided by right knowledge, and systematic thinking can solve all mysteries. Truth is truth at all levels; matter and mind are two sides of the same coin. Ignorance creates mystery, bad body chemistry creates negative thoughts and wrong attitude. Right food, austerity, and penance can connect man with the divine, which is pure knowledge.

Vedic Astrology studies man as a microcosm and considers him to be an indivisible part of the macrocosm; based on the assumption that the human body and psyche are influenced by celestial bodies, stars and planets of our solar system.

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Harish Johari
Seema Johari
Synthesized extract by Seema Johari from "The Planet Meditation Kit" and "The Healing Power of Gemstones", both by Harish Johari.

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