To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.


Until recently, staying at the family house of the late Harish Johari was possible only for those people that knew the family already. It was a unique opportunity to breathe the atmoshere in which Harish Johari lived, where the mundane and the spiritual met in the family life of this householder yogi.

The Johari house offers great group accomodations in Haridwar, including a large cool hall suited for group meditation, asana practice, painting, etc..., as well as big flat roofs that can be also used for the same purposes. Next to the family kitchen there is also a separate kitchen which groups can use if they like to cook their own meals or if they like to have specific meals cooking for them.

The Johari House now has many single and double rooms available for the group guests. The Johari House is known for great cooking that nourishes both body and mind (see also Harish Johari's Ayurvedic Healing Cuisine book) and the dishes can easily be adapted to specific dietary needs. Food and accomodations are very hygienic according to western standards. Western-style toilets are available, as well as soft matrasses for those who favour them.


In Sanskrit, Haridwar stands for "dwara of hari", the gateway to god, as 'hari' means god and 'dwar' means door. Haridwar is one of the seven most holy places for hindus in India. The spiritual soul of mystical India, it offers a kaleidoscopic spectacle of composite culture and a faith which celebrates the mundane and the spiritual alike. Thousands of sadhus live in the many Hardwar ashrams and in the surrounding jungle.

Yoga on the roof overlooking the GangaAt this holy confluence of lord Shiva and the Ganga, the Johari House lures you to experience the magic and tranquil poise of the Ganga and lord Shiva and to discover the unique culture of the oldest living city in the world, which holds in its folds timeless tradition and dynamism. The Johari house is set just a short stroll from the banks of the river Ganga, in a relatively quiet urban area outside of the busy Hardwar city centre.. To reach the edge of the centre by motor-rikshaw takes about 5 mins.


In the house, cooking classes and massage classes can be booked with Anushree Agarwal, granddaughter of Harish Johari. The most attractive feature of the cooking classes is that "u name it and learn it". You can choose from a wide range of 200 indian vegetarian dishes, including indian main course, indian snacks, south & north indian cuisine, punjaabi food, mughlai cuisine, indian sweets ... and lots more .. At the Johari House, you can also step into the tranquil world of massage and find yourself in a luxurious world of pampering and relaxation.

Also possible is the organisation of group excursions to various famous places in Haridwar :

* har ki pairi - the famous "ganga aarti"
* chandi devi temple
* mansa devi temple
* maya devi temple
* daksheswara mahadev temple, kankhal
* bharat mata mandir
* paavan dham
* parad shivlingam, harihar ashram, kankha

Other places to visit nearby are :

* rishikesh
* mussorie
* dhanault
* lakha mandal
* gangotri
* uttarkashi
* kedarnath
* badrinath
* ....

View of rooms and terrassesHOW TO CONTACT THE JOHARI HOUSE

For more information and group booking, contact Mrs. Seema Johari (daughter of Harish Johari) :

by email to
or by phone number 0091-9837035688.

or through Facebook Spiritual Vacations India

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