To spread the original, universal and eternal truth, path or law of yoga, which remains forever the same in essence, yet always adapts to the time and place.

A.B.D. Kathia Baba is born on the 2th of June in 1952 in Asansol - West-Bengal, and left his body in 2018, mourned by his devotees.

From childhood on he had the desire to become a saddhu. For that reason he ran away fom home 17 times to finally be brought to the missionary school Sint Patrick in Asansol. Here he fell in love with christianity and wanted to become priest. When the school asked permission the family became furious about the plan to convert a brahmin-boy. He was then forbidden to enter whatever church wherever.

After this he joined university to study medicine, but he disliked the studentworld. His desire to become a saddhu was stronger and brought him to his Master Sri Shyam Sundar Das Kathia Baba and to his Master's Master Sri Dhananjay Das Kathia Baba, who both belonged to the Nimbarka-clan. Kathia Baba's Master left his body on 16th May 1978 and his Master's Master left his body in May 1983.

Shri Shri 108 Shri Swami Santa Das Kathiababa ji maharaj

Sri Shyam Sundar

They worship Lord Krishna and especially Radhe, who Krishna adored in his childhood. They believe, that the repetition of the name of God (whatever God) is enough to make God, who is present everywhere, reveal himself in his infinite kindness, to whomever will surrender himself and dedicate his thoughts and actions to Him.

Sacrifice, celibacy and dedication are the roots of this tradition. Followers of these high ideals have been fairly scarce until Sri Ram Das Kathia Baba from Vrindaban. He preached in the late 19th century this religious view among the common people of Bengal and the rest of India. He used to wear a broad wooden belt (kath) around his waist all the time, even when sleeping. And so he came to be known as Kathia Baba. After him all the saddhu's of the Nimbarka-clan have worn such wooden belts - not as penance, but as discomfort.

The Kath or wooden belt worn by all Kathia Babas

A.B.D. Kathia Baba has been practising this Nimbarka-view of sacrifice, celibacy and devotion for 36 years now and is wearing the wooden belt for 32 years, which makes him the longest wearer at the moment. And he is not planning to take it off. For this he is now known as Kathia Baba. During these 36 years he devoted all his time to studies, repetition of the name all the time and travelling through India by train, on foot, on motorbike and by car. And all this to discover how much God is taking care of him and of course everybody else. Because of his sincerity he is loved by everybody, wherever he comes. Also his Masters loved him and Sri Dhananjay Kathia Baba gave him the responsibility for his camp at the Kumbh Mela of Allahabad in 2007. Otherwise he is free to roam around and inspire people in their belief in God. He has founded two ashrams. One is in Indore and has a few temples en houses for guests. It is a kind of oasis against a growing Indian town. The other one is in Rajastan and is very basic. A good sadhana-place for a saddhu.

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