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Second Chakra : Svadhishthana Chakra
The Second of seven chakras.

Translation Dwelling Place of the Self
(Genital Chakra)
Location Genital region, hypogastric plexus
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Element Water
Element Color Transparent Blue
Aspects Procreation, family, fantasy, creativity, sensuality
Ruling planet Mercury
Deity Vishnu
Behavioral characteristics Trying to establish his or her identity to attract members of the opposite sex. Fantasies and moods create a constantly changing behavior.
Associated age A person of 8 to 14 years old
Leela - States of Being in the Chakras 10. Purification (Tapah)
11. Entertainment (Gandharvas)
12. Envy (Eirsha)
13. Nullity (Antariksha)
14. Astral Plane (Bhuvar Loka)
15. Plane of Fantasy (Naga Loka)
16. Jealousy (Dwesh)
17. Mercy (Daya)
18. Plane of Joy (Harsha Loka)

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Wil GeraetsThis overview on the Seven Chakras was synthesized by Wil Geraets from the "Chakras" book, which provides many details on the seven chakras : Techniques and effects of meditation, related colors, shapes, sounds, yantras, predominant senses and sense organs, work organs, planes, Shakti's, notes on sleep and body chemistry,… Click here for all extracts from this book.

Detailed behavioral characteristics for the seven chakras are also found within the game and book called "Leela", which discusses 9 mental attitudes related to each of the seven chakras and allows one to achieve a better understanding of the seven chakras by playing a board game. Click here for all extracts from this book.

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