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Course Schedule
Of the Santosh Puri Ahsram

Baba Santoshpuri
Narmada Devi
Aum Gang Ganapataye Namah Aum
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Ashram Course Schedule


More on the Santosh Puri Ashram

Classes are limited to 10 students to encourage a small learning environment. Class Schedules follow our daily routines.

To register : email or call the ashram at 0091 1 35 248 5057 or 0091 963 400 8063 .

Please arrive at least one day before the course begins.

Silent Retreats are available for anyone at any time.

* No classes on full moon.


Ganga Puri - U.S.A. & Europe Yog Workshop Tour



In this 10 day Introduction to Meditation (Dhyana Yoga) Course, we will explore traditional yoga methods of meditation. This course will help you to understand the importance of meditation in spiritual life and allow you to deepen your meditation practice. Mataji and/or Ganga will introduce various techniques of meditation for you to choose the appropriate one for you. All may attend the classes, whether you have a meditation practice already or if you are completely new to meditation.

The holy texts  to study and contemplate on will be " the crest jewel of discrimination" of Shankara as an introduction to Vedanta and one of the eight major Upanishads. After long years of exploring the bhagavad gita of lord krishna, this course is designed  to lead deeper into the teachings of vedanta philosophy as a culmination of all knowledge.

Ganga Puri will teach the Jnana Yoga 10 day intensive course studying the Sutras of Patanjali, the father of yoga. You will share in learning the sutras including the traditional ashtanga, or 8 limbs. Patanjali teaches us the importance of removing the modifications of the mind, self-study with devotion, and praticing with detachment. Learn the path of yoga, the discipline to be adopted in our lives by spreading the stability through awareness of self while living in a place where meditation can be strengthened in the company of spiritual seekers. Discover the ancient philosophy that believes one can use discipline to observe daily life, that the mind is to be trained on the way to union, and learn the importance of being a witness. This course is important to deepen your awareness, especially if you have studied Yogasana (physical postures) and would like to learn about yogic philosophy.

Ten day intensive study of the Bhagavad Gita with Mataji. The Bhavagad Gita is a wish-fulfilling book. Each verse has the divinity to lead you towards liberation, if rightly understood through devotion, surrender, and unshakable faith. The knowledge of this song will free us from ignorance, the source of suffering. Through meditation, its wisdom will be experienced, filling us with the bliss of devotion, wonder, and detachment. In this course aspirants will have the unique chance to transfer the teachings of the Gita directly into practice in the favorable atmosphere of the ashram. Each day will be guided by one of the teachings of Lord Krishna and will be applied to the asana practice, meditation, and while experiencing the benefits of Karma, Bhakti, and Jyana Yoga.

The Guru Gita of Lord Shiva's teaching to Godess Parvati  and other treaties  from the scripture will be recited, discussed  and meditated on. This course specially combines wonderfully practice, teaching and celebration. The culmination will be Guruji's annual maha Samadhi anniversary includes Homa fire, Bhandarra( food distribution  to sadhus  and devotees), Kirtan ( chanting Gods name) etc. This course  will be repeated  in july in honour of Guru. Mantra initiation is also considered  on  full moon day as auspicious days.

This is a four weeks Intensive residential level 1-training course, which teaches yoga in practice around the clock. The practice sessions include the practice of shatkarma ( yogic cleansing), suksha vyayama and asanas, mudras, pranayamas. The theory session consists of anatomy, clinical aspect of yoga practice with reference to ayurveda and naturopathy, yoga philosophy laid down in yoga sutras, Vedanta and Tantra. All classes are held on examinatory level. The students are asked to lead the classes. At the end of the course, as apart of the certification, the yoga group can participate in a day trip to near Himalayan shrines. The teacher training course of level-1 will be followed by level -2 in the following year.



  • Former practice of yoga
  • Good health
  • Intention to slowly renounce wordly pleasures for the benefit of spiritual gain.


  • a year practice of yoga in any yoga institution
  • your participation in all the courses of the yoganga ashram
  • previous teacher training course or level -1
  • good health ,strength and will power

The course is based on the scripture of Gheranda Sahita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Both the teacher training courses are designed and taught by Yogacharya Ganga puri, Mandakini puri, and Alakhnanda puri.

In this course, a series of 40 subtle prana exercises & ancient Hatha Yoga practices such as cleansing kriyas, Asanas, Pranayama, Mudra , Bandhas, etc... will be introduced. Teachers holds theoritical subjects on the foundation of yoga, Hatha yoga pradipika, introduction to Ayurveda, four main stream of yoga : Karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, Jana yoga, Raja yoga.


A one month course, lead by Ganga Puri, to learn the benefits of using traditional yoga asanas for common ailments such as: diabetes, obesity, back pain, high & low blood pressure, heart disease, mental stress, etc. Classes include: cleansing, pranayama, meditation, asana, introduction to Aryuveda and Clinical Yoga. The course where yoga meets ayurveda will be 108 hours in total. Attendees will receive a certificate at the end of the course. Please arrive one day before the beginning of the course.

Join us for an Introduction to Ayurveda, an ancient healing tradition that approaches health from the physical, mental, social-emotional, and spiritual perspectives. You will learn about the doshas: vata, pita, kapha, and the gunas: rajas, tamas, satva. This course gives practical ways you can improve your health daily by understanding the effects of what we take into the body. The goal of ayurveda is to bring healthy characteristics into one's life. Alaknanda Puri will teach the Introduction to Ayurveda course.

In this course, you will learn Ayurveda Indian Cooking (Vegetarian) based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. You will apply ayurveda concepts directly to prepare food. Ayurvedic Cooking makes people healthy. You will learn to use food as a means of balancing oneself. By learning different varieties of ayurvedic vegetarian cooking, you will be able to apply ayurvedic concepts into the food you prepare for yourself, family, and friends. Mandakini Puri will be your chef cook and teacher.

This class is an introduction to the vedic planets. Asana, pranayama & yantra painting meditation will pacify the individual influencing planet and thereby harmonize our inner and outer well being.

This course is given by Mataji. She introduces us in a highly meditative way into the subtle realms of our psychic body - the seven Chakras and three main Nadis. Awareness will be awakened to integrate and perceive a first glimpse of higher consciousness.

This special course serve to describe and explain the unexpressible phenomena of the kumbha, the sadhus and their yogic tradition, who represents Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism. Practice asanas, pranayama, visiting the kumbha mela areas, bathing in the Ganges and Darshan of Holy Saints will form the practical part of this course.

This course is a special retreat which includes silence, fasting, basic cleansing class, asanas, pranayama, karma yoga, meditation etc... Theoretical classes are based on Vedic Rituals, introduction to Ayurveda & yoga philosophy etc.

According to the sincere interest of our "pranic family" we are arranging now Retreat Tours in the inspiring region of Himalayas- Gharwal ie.Gangotri, Yamnotri, Badrinath, and Tungnath etc.

The aspirants are given a chance to continue their practice while traveling in small groups, 5 to 10 people. Tours can be arranged between May and September including spiritual practice in morning and in evening with our one of the Yog acharya (masters ).

To register : email or call the ashram at 0091 1 35 248 5057 or 0091 963 400 8063.

For what will your donation serve ?

1. For registring in foreign registration ofice.

2. For your security- two guards and two serve on the gates.

3. To pay 4 gardners & the person who serves the cows to facilitate us with biological vegetables, flowers and milk and its different products.

4. Accomodations - room, internet facility, laundry etc.

5. To pay the cook who is available for serving vegetarian, hygenic and Ayurvedic meals.

6. To encourage Yoga and wellness classes.

7. Renovation of the place.

8. Serving poor saints & people.

Baba Santoshpuri
Narmada Devi
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Aum Gang Ganapataye Namah Aum