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Ayurvedic cooking formulas help you to create vegetarian indian recipes that are both tasty and healthy.

TarkaOf course, nothing tastes as good as an indian vegetarian recipe that is exactly made as it says in a good ayurvedic cookbook, getting all amounts just right. But stirring a pot with one hand while holding a cook book by the other is not always an option. In that case ayurvedic cooking formulas for tasty indian recipes are a great help, providing you with general guidelines on preparation and spices for general types of food preparations. They are assuredly healthy and will bring out that fantastic indian taste time and again.

Chose from the following free, easy, ayurvedic, healthy and vegetarian cooking formulas for indian recipes:

Formula 1 : Rice dishes
Formula 2 : Soups
Formula 3 : Vegetable dishes or soups
Formula 4 : Pakoras
Formula 5 : Sauces

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Peter MarchandThese famous ayurvedic cooking formulas have been provided by John Marchand, who gives excellent indian cooking classes .

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