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The Importance of Fresh Foods

Interview with Harish Johari on the importance of fresh foods in Ayurvedic cooking.

What about fresh food? Any advice for people who want to be healthier?

Food should be light, and not make you feel heavy. You should eat fresh food. Another bad thing in this country is the invention of the fridge. That fridge is a very bad guy. Whatever you don't use, you should throw away. You don't throw it away because you're greedy. You keep it.

People ask me if they can make enough bread dough for a week and put it in the freezer. They want to do things only once a week or maybe once a lifetime and still have the fruits of it every day. I think they will invent a seed which grows into balls of dough instead of the wheat plant or maybe baked bread will come out. That's what they want, they don't want to do anything. Then you ask them why do you work so hard and they say "for bread and butter". And yet they don't eat well. So I say to people, stop using canned food. Stop using food which was cooked more than eight hours ago, and don't reheat food.

What happens when you reheat food?

You destroy prana. Everything else remains, but the prana is missing.

What about taking lots of vitamins and supplements? It's so common these days.

Remember one thing. The body will only take what the body needs. The rest will be thrown out. We do not have a bank in the body. For young people, the body does not need anything. They already have everything in the body - it manufactures enough for itself. If they need anything at all, it's suggestion. A very small amount of something will act as a suggestion to the body and then the body will manufacture its own material and use it. That's what we use in homeopathy : a small suggestion. We use this idea in Ayurveda also, but homeopathy is just plain suggestion. It wakes up a part of the body that knows how to make what it needs.

Ayurveda has existed for thousands of years. Its practitioners have been called quacks and sometimes they were punished for being doctors. But now the time has come for Ayurveda to be revealed to the world. People want medicine and treatments which are without reactions or side effects. Ayurveda has lots of possibilities. It is astonishing that herbs and plants and metals can be used in so many different ways. All the possibilities have not been explored. Not all is known. Not all has been tested. There are ways they can be used for physical health, mental health and also for spiritual development, that haven't yet occurred to us.

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Extract from "Pearls of Wisdom - Harish Johari on Health" - Interview by Carrie Angus, M.D, February/March 1997.

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