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Indian vegetarian Recipes : Malai Laddoo (Laddu)

Serves 4

For this Malai Laddoo recipe you need

a. khoya 200 grams (see below)
b . paneer ( cottage cheese ) 100 grams
c . sugar powder 150 grams
d .cashews and almonds finely chopped 50 grams
e . cardemom powder 1/2 teaspoon

Malai Laddoo Recipe - Method

1 . grate khoya and grate paneer, mix them very very well.
2 . rub gently the grated mixture of khoya and paneer for about 5 to 6 min.
3 . when the above mixture is soft add the cardamom powder and the finely chopped cashews and almonds.
4 . now rub the whole mixture again for about 7 to 9 min, and make small balls (laddoo's)
5 . place all these laddoos 9 balls on a plate and decorate it with silver vark & put the plate of laddoo in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Background information on this Malai Laddoo recipe

K hoya is a special ingredient of many indian sweets and very easily available in india. If it is not available in your market then it is very very easy to be made.

Khoya is just dried milk. Take a heavy bottomed vessel and on slow flame keep on boiling the milk, stirring often to avoid burning and sticking of the milk. Keep on boiling the milk till it thickens thickens and then finally forms a lump. So all what you need to do for making khoya is just keep on reducing milk till a lump of milk is formed and this lump is khoya.

About this page

Basic Recipy by Anushree Agarwal, granddaughter of Harish Johari.

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