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Seventh Chakra : Sahasrara Chakra
The Seventh of seven chakras.

Translation Thousand-petaled Chakra
(Crown Chakra)
Location Top of the Cranium, cerebral plexus
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Element None
Element color None
Aspects None
Ruling planet Ketu
Deity The Guru within
Behavioral characteristics Non-dual Consciousness
Associated age None
Leela - States of Being in the Chakras

55. Egotism (Ahamkara)
56. Plane of Primal Vibrations (Omkar)
57. Gaseous Plane (Vayu Loka)
58. Plane of Radiation (Teja Loka)
59. Plane of Reality (Satya Loka)
60. Positive Intellect (Subuddhi)
61. Negative Intellect (Durbuddhi)
62. Happiness (Sukh)
63. Tamas

Beyond the Chakras :

64. Phenomenal Plane (Prakriti Loka)
65. Plane of Inner Space (Uranta Loka)
66. Plane of Bliss (Anand Loka)
67. Plane of Cosmic Good (Rudra Loka)
68. Cosmic Consciousness (Vaikuntha Loka)
69. Absolute Plane (Brahma Loka)
70. Satoguna
71. Rajoguna
72. Tamoguna

Translation Nectar Chakra
Location Above the Ajna Chakra and within the Sahasrara or seventh chakra, above the third eye in the center of the forehead.
Element None
Aspects None
Ruling planet Rahu
Deity Kameshvara and Kameshvari
Behavioral characteristics Bliss
Associated age None

The seventh Chakra and the Soma chakra
belong to the Chakras of Higher Consciousness

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Wil GeraetsThis overview on the Seven Chakras was synthesized by Wil Geraets from the "Chakras" book, which provides many details on the seven chakras : Techniques and effects of meditation, related colors, shapes, sounds, yantras, predominant senses and sense organs, work organs, planes, Shakti's, notes on sleep and body chemistry,… Click here for all extracts from this book.

Detailed behavioral characteristics for the seven chakras are also found within the game and book called "Leela", which discusses 9 mental attitudes related to each of the seven chakras and allows one to achieve a better understanding of the seven chakras by playing a board game. Click here for all extracts from this book.

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