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Number 1 in Indian Numerology

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NR.   1
Ruling Planet
(provides important information on the essential nature of your number)
Yantra for meditation   Click for a large image of this vedic planet yantra for meditation
As Psychic Number   Sunny, energetic, radiant, confident, proud, self centered, goal oriented, socially active, leader vs follower, self actualized, authoritative. Can be cruel in their intensity, arrogant and ready to rule, yet on account of the regal qualities also a protector and provider. Known for lavish gifts, boldness, with good endurance.
As Destiny Number   Original, works smarter not harder. Self referencing - follow me and my cause. Enthusiastic, individualistic, able to enlist friends and helpers everywhere. Explorer and innovator, driven by worldly desires and success, determined to accomplish something noteworthy. Courageous and commanding, astute negotiator, self made leader, willing to be and work at the frontiers of life. Opinionated, stubborn and rigid. People react to them with attraction or aversion.
As Name Number   LEADER, will enjoy positive reinforcement from, and success within circle of family, friends and society.
Friendly Numbers   2,3,9
Enemy Numbers   4,6,8
Day   Sunday
Color   Gold
Gem   Ruby
Metal   Gold
Body Chemistry   Bile (Pitta)
Karmic Lesson   Renunciation
Best suited professions   Administrators, department heads
Compatible numbers for :    

Vedic numerology introduction to number 1, by Rudy Kuhn, produced by Eastern Motion Pictures

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